Tangalle, Sri Lanka Project

Our first project in Sri Lanka will be held in Tangalle during the month of May, 2018.


Tangalle is on the South Coast of Sri Lanka and is known for its beaches and laid-back way of living. It is popular among tourists for its good weather, unspoilt beaches and not being ‘too much’ of a tourist area which means that it can be fairly quiet.

There is a large community of street dogs that live in this area. Whilst the dogs are generally friendly and keep themselves to themselves, the majority do not have specific owners and as such do not always receive the nurturing, medical or loving care that they require.

The result is that the street dog population continues to rise and can be by a significant number in a small space of time. As time goes on; there is becoming less food and safe drinking supply, territories are becoming smaller or lost to the more dominant dogs and the locals struggle to know what to do for the best. It leads to more dog fights as they struggle over their territorial boundaries which causes more injuries and stress.

Diseases such as mange, flea infestations, malnourishment, open wounds, infection etc. are commonplace and it is very difficult to source local effective treatment. Especially as any vets that are within the area need the dog to be taken to their place of work – this can be very difficult when there are so many to treat.

At our last count, on the beach front alone (a 1 km stretch), there were 50 dogs. This doesn’t include any in the cities or from other areas in Tangalle.


Aim of the Project

To organise a neutering and vaccination programme for the community dogs within the Tangalle beach area. To raise awareness on animal welfare and the humane treatment of animals.


Benefits to the community

The neutering programme will help control dog populations & reduce the number of stray dogs for the future.

The vaccination programme will help prevent diseases that can be passed between dogs and humans.

The programme will help promote Tangalle to tourists as a safe and caring environment.


Benefits to the dogs

Through neutering: female dogs will be subjected to less stress and trauma when they are in season, male dogs can become less aggressive causing less fighting which results in less injuries and stress

Reduced number of new puppies for the female dogs to have to look after, meaning less chances of becoming malnourished and getting the diseases and disorders associated with this

Less deaths as there will be an increase in food supplies being able to be found and safe drinking water

Local and tourist communities will have a better knowledge on treatments of dogs, animal welfare and humane treatments.

Less diseases and disorders, the vaccinations will help to prevent whilst the veterinary’s can also assist with the treatment of current diseases and disorders.


When and where will the project be:

May 2018 (specific dates to be confirmed closer to the time).

Dog population targeted: Beach dogs in Tangalle area.


What Helping Paws are going to do;

  • Organise the vets coming to Tangalle
  • Fundraise for the cost of the vets, medicines and surgical equipment needed
  • Help facilitate the catching of the dogs for the treatments and neutering
  • Collect data on the animals that have been neutered and vaccinated
  • Provide leaflets and materials to inform the public of the process and importance of the project
  • Provide educational sources as required to the communities
  • Provide any donated items, such as food and routine treatments, to the dogs
  • Try and find ways of making the project sustainable so that it can be carried out every year


What we need help with to finalise the project

  • Donations are going to be key! If you are able to and want to please donate money either via a bank transfer or PayPal – check out the donate now section on our website for further details. Any contribution towards this great cause would really help. If it is treatments or food supplies that you are wanting to donate, please contact us at admin@helpingpawsworldwide.org for ways that this can work.
  • Fundraise: If you can think of a way that you could fundraise for this project, whether it be a sporting event, cake sale etc. Please do get in touch with us at either admin@helpingpawsworldwide.org or via our website contact form.
  • Volunteers: For the project in May we will require volunteers to help locate and catch the dogs, help keep them calm and nurture them back to health following the neutering procedure. The more people on board the easier it will be and the more dogs that can be helped!
  • Raising Awareness: Either by raising awareness of the project and/or of Helping Paws, this then helps us to become better known and increase the knowledge and awareness around the areas that we are working in. It helps to promote the projects and in turn can help with the fundraising potential.



One of our trustees, Phil Evans, is also doing a fundraiser on behalf of the project.

Have a look at https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/philevanshelpingpaws for what he is doing and how to sponsor him directly!


On behalf of Helping Paws, thank you for your time and showing an interest in this project. If you have any questions, suggestions and are able or wanting to help please do let us know.